Renew your passion, free from elbow pain

We put the Fiix Elbow to the test and the results below speak volume. Automated therapy treatment that’s just as good, some say even better, then going to physical therapy. 96% say it worked, we would like to add you to the list and get you back to the activities that drive you.

Results in 10-weeks

  • Experienced reduced pain

  • Improvement
    in grip strength

  • Improvement in functional activities

Results in 1-year

  • Reported no pain increase

Eliminates Elbow Pain

Therapy on the go

Your schedule

Money-back Guarantee

How It Works

We’ve taken proven, clinical grade therapy out of the clinic and into the Fiix Elbow device so you can get the same great treatment at home. The success of the program is the combination of the Fiix Elbow device and specific stretching and strength exercises that make the tendon more pliable and strong.

  • 10


  • 3x

    a week

  • 8


What people are saying

Why didn't I find this sooner! It's the same treatment that I got at physical therapy where I spent way too much time and money. It was easy to use and I could get the same physical therapy treatment sitting on my couch. Most importantly, it got me back on my motorcycle.


What people are saying

I am a chiropractor and I hurt my elbow doing pull ups many months ago. I could barely grasp a coffee mug without wincing. I had tried all my therapies at work and taping and I was not getting relief. This device has helped tremendously and I definitely recommend this product.


What people are saying

This device is easy, painless, portable, reasonable and saved a ton of time and money. Took a few weeks for my elbow to start feeling better. Now 14 weeks out from the start and I have NO pain and all my strength back! Highly recommend the Fiix Elbow device. Game changer!


How much is this going to cost?

Money-back guarantee

Time required per session

What if pain comes back or in the other arm?

No driving, waiting or rescheduling

Great Value Fiix Elbow Device


10 mins


Physical Therapy

+ / - $500 # of visits, deducitbles, co pays...

45 - 75 mins

+ / - $500