General / Mechanical

What is the size of the E5?

5.4in x 7.5in x 3.9in (137mm x 190mm x 100mm) and weighs 3.7lbs. (1.7 kg).

What is the warranty for the E5?

1-year warranty for normal wear and tear. The device not covered for commercial usage.  

What is the difference between tennis and golfers' elbow?

Golfers' elbow is irritation/pain of the tendon and muscles on the medial (inside) of the elbow. Tennis elbow is pain to the tendon and muscles on the lateral (outside) of the elbow.

How high should the resistance level be?

This is a personal preference and is customizable based on how tight you adjust the strap. Some people like a deep tissue massage while others like a lighter massage. We recommend people keep the pain level below 6 out of 10.

How do I clean the E5?

Clean the E5 like any electronic device by using a damp cloth. You can use rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab on the underside to clean the track/massage elements and silicon belt covers. Do NOT spray the E5 with a cleanser like 409® or Fantastic® and do not submerge in water.

Can I wash the arm strap?

Yes, use regular soap and water and let it air dry. Do NOT put the strap in the dryer.

Can i take the E5 onto an airplane?

Yes, the E5 meets FAA guidelines for battery capacity limits (see 49 CFR 175.10(a)(18) for further details). The FAA may require you to place the device in your carry-on bag or in a checked bag.  

Can i use the E5 on both the left and right arm?

Yes, you can use the device on both arms.

How do I put the strap on?

Please visit the user guide page for instructions.

how do i know if i have the device facing the right direction?

If you have the device placed on your arm CORRECTLY, you will see the Stā Active logo on the machine.  

Is the E5 latex free?

Yes, the E5 device and strap are both latex free.


How do i change the therapy time?

Simply press the time/+ blue button to increase the time. The maximum time allowed for treatment is 10 minutes.

why won't my device power on?

First check the bottom power switch located under the strap. Next, check to make sure the battery has been charged.

can i use the E5 when the battery is dead?

Yes, if the device is low or dead you can use with it the power cord plugged in.

What is the battery type and size for the E5?

Lithium ion battery - 16.8V - 2600mA (44Wh)

what does "e1" on the display mean?

E1 is an over current safety measure indicating something may have been jammed in the track/massage elements. Make sure the track is clear of all items. Double press the stop to clear the error message. The device should be reset and working properly.  

what does "e2" on the display mean?

E2 is an IR sensor safety error message. Make sure the track is clear of all items. Double press the stop to clear the error message. The device should be reset and working properly.  


do i need a physician prescription for the E5?

No, the E5 technology automates the IASTM clinical process for home treatments.

can i use the E5 on other areas of my body other than the outside of my arm?

No, the E5 was designed specifically to be used ONLY to treat tennis elbow.

can the e5 be used to treat golfers' elbow?

No, golfers' elbow is a different tendonitis condition and requires a different treatment process.

how much emollient should i apply to my arm?

A pea size amount goes a long way.  

how do i get a deeper massage?

The strap can be adjusted to provide a deeper massage. You can also rotate your wrist and flex your hand to alter the intensity of the massage.

My elbow is more sore after use the e5 - is that ok?

Yes, that is expected and actually a good thing. The E5 is designed to disrupt the tendon, allowing the natural healing process to take over. The tenderness is a sign that the machine is doing its job. We recommend users keep the pain below a 6 out of 10.  

What direction does the track/massage elements go?

The track/massage elements travel from the elbow down the arm towards the wrist. If you have the device placed on your arm CORRECTLY, you will see the Stā Active logo on the machine.  

Can i use the e5 more than 3 times a week?

The massage treatment feels great but too much of a good thing can be bad. We designed the treatment program with the proper amount of treatment and recovery time for optimal results.  

what if i miss a therapy session with the e5

The key to success with any therapy program is consistency and adherence to a schedule. However, we all live busy lives so if you miss one or two treatments - that's ok - just complete the treatment plan as prescribed. If you miss one or two weeks of treatment simply add it to the end of the program. However, if you miss more than 2 weeks it's best to start the treatment program over.

Do i need to do the stretches and strength exercises?

Yes, the E5 was designed to disrupt the tendon which begins the healing process. In order for the tendon to heal properly the tendon needs to be stretched in the first half of the treatment program and strengthened during the second half of the treatment program. This provides the greatest chance for a full, long-term recovery from tennis elbow.

My elbow feels good after just a few weeks.  Do i need to continue the therapy for the full 8 weeks?

Yes, the first few weeks of treatment break up adhesions and start the healing process. Your elbow will start to feel better but you need to strengthen the tendon to prevent further injury and to have a full recovery.  

I completed the 8-week treatment program and my pain has been reduced but it's not completely gone.  What should i do next?

Everyone heals differently. If you see improvement in the first 8-weeks we recommend resting your elbow for 2 - 4 weeks. You can then start another 8-week treatment program to further reduce the pain. This is a normal process for people that have battled tennis elbow for a long period of time.

Can i do the activity that causes pain during the 8-week therapy program?

Yes, but we ask users to try to limit any activities that cause pain that's above a 6 on a scale of 0-10 (10 being the worst amount of pain).

Do i have to be stationary during the treatment?  

No, the E5 is self-powered which allows users to walk around, read, watch TV and perform other activities during treatments.

should i ice or heat before or after therapy?  

You may heat prior to using the machine but it is not necessary if you have been moving your body before treatment. We do not recommend using the device first thing in the morning. Ice is a personal option, you may use it if you feel it has helped in the past but it is not required.