How Tendons Heal

Tendons, which are connective tissue that attach muscles to bones, are made of thick bands of collagen fibers, and due to a repetitive motion, have a tendency to break down, tear and degenerate over time which causes lateral or medial epicondylitis. Tendons have poor circulation and reduced blood supply, which means they are at risk of not healing well or at all.

The Fiix Elbow device applies a linear, deep tissue massage to the area that increases blood circulation to the tendons which boosts oxygen and healing properties to FiiX the injury.

Device. Stretches. Relief.

Elbow pain relief comes out of the physical therapy clinic and into your hands for elbow therapy when you want, where you want. The Fiix Elbow device automates a manual therapy procedure so you get the same treatment each time. Have pain in both elbows or both tennis and golfer’s elbow? No problem - one purchase, multiple therapy options that can be started at the same time.

1 Fiix Elbow Device

Take on your elbow pain with a push of a button for only 10 minutes, 3x a week. The Fiix Elbow device breaks up adhesions and scar tissue to activate healing blood flow to the injured area.

2 Stretching and Strength Exercises

Specific stretching and strength exercises aid in the recovery process with the Fiix Elbow device. They help the tendons and muscles become pliable and strong.

3 8-weeks to success

Physical therapy works - now it works at-home making it super easy to treat and beat your tennis and golfer's elbow pain for good!

Results in 10-weeks

  • Experienced reduced pain

  • Improvement
    in grip strength

  • Improvement in functional activities

Results in 1-year

  • Reported no pain increase

Frequently Asked Questions

The Fiix Elbow breaks down the scar tissue, the body naturally heals it and you build up / strengthen the tendon.

The therapy program is simple, Fiix Elbow device sessions are 10 minutes, 3x a week. Specific stretching and strength exercises help aid in recovery and build back your strength. Just put it on your arm and press play and it goes to work to break up the scar tissue that is causing the pain.

The Fiix Elbow device is a FDA Registered Class 1 Medical device.