Stā Active tendonitis recovery device
Money saved by treating tennis elbow at home with Stā Active
Stā Active tennis elbow device console
Stā Active stainless steel massage elements on tennis elbow device

Fiix Elbow Device

• Automated physical therapy treatment for tennis elbow relief

• At-home treatment for maximum convenience

• One-time purchase - lifelong value

• Guaranteed to reduce tennis elbow pain or your money-back

• FDA Registered Medical Device

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Stā Active adjustable pressure tennis elbow device

Adjustable pressure

Stā Active stainless steel massage elements for tennis elbow device

Stainless steel massage elements

Whisper quiet Stā Active tennis elbow device

Whisper quiet

Easy to read console on Stā Active tendonitis device

Easy to read display

Treat tennis elbow at home in only 10 minutes a day


Stā Active saves you time and money by treating tennis elbow at home

All estimated medical costs represent treatment of one arm, per occurrence.  National average fees listed from PRP and IASTM fees listed from; 

FDA Registered Medical Device

FDA Registered
Medical Device

The E5 was invented by therapists as an effective treatment for tennis elbow.

FDA Registered Medical Device

The Fiix Elbow was invented by therapists as an effective treatment for tennis elbow.

Please check with your provider before using an FSA/HSA card as a prescription may be needed.

90-day money-back guarantee on Stā Active device


If you are not completely satisfied with your level of pain relief, return for a full refund.


"I had surgery for tennis elbow in my left arm and I started to have the same pain in my right arm and I didn't want to go through surgery again. Thankfully I found the E5 device and after the 8 week treatment my elbow pain is gone!"

Tammy P.

Workout Enthusiast

"Elbow pain makes doing simple things like grabbing something out of the refrigerator painful. At first it’s annoying but then it gets to a point where you know you need to do something about it. Thanks to the E5 I'm doing the activities I love again!"

Cara B.

Athletic and Fitness Enthusiast

"I carried bricks working on a deck and when I was finished I didn't have any pain - it was such a great feeling to not have any pain. That's when I realized the E5 really worked."

Chris T.

Plumber, Firefighter

"I workout a lot but due to my elbow pain I was not able to do my normal workouts - push-ups killed me! When I first started using the E5 I felt like I was getting a deep tissue massage on my forearm. As I progressed through the treatment my elbow felt better after the first few weeks. I can workout again minus the elbow pain!"

Kim S.

Workout Enthusiast, Mother, Chef

"My tennis elbow was so bad I thought I had broken my arm. The E5 helped me be able to do simple tasks again without the pain and I sleep better at night."

Greg M.

Graphic Designer, Workout Enthusiast

"I tried arm straps with no luck so I gave the E5 a try but I had my doubts.  The first couple of weeks it really didn't seem to be doing much for me (maybe that was because my lack of patience).  As I stayed the course I really started to see a change around week five. After the eight weeks I was back fishing with no pain.  Thank you Stā Active for allowing me to do what I love to do again."

Pete D.


"The E5 allowed me to take control of my pain situation and try to fix it on my own, on my own time and schedule. I don’t have the ability to go to a physical therapist, so this was the next best option. At the end of the treatment my pain went from an 8 to a 1."

Gina M.

Curling Player, Workout Enthusiast

"I'm back to playing tennis pain-free! I love the convenience of getting treatment and pain relief at home."

Beth G.

Tennis Player, Mom