tennis elbow pain relief machine

Fiix Elbow Device

$399.00 or as low as $35.08/month*

$399.00 or as low as $35.08/month

*No tax excludes Minnesota

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Feel good linear, deep tissue massage breaks up scar tissue.

Automated proven physical therapy technique - 96% of study subjects reported reduced pain.

Based on Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) also called Graston®, HawkGrip® or Gua Sha.

FDA registered medical device.

Guaranteed to reduce tennis elbow pain or your money-back.


Use at home or on the go - it's YOUR schedule.

Adjustable arm strap allows you to control massage intensity.

Continue doing your activities throughout the program.

No appointments, no pills, no copays, no hassle.

Reduce your pain, increase your grip strength and get back to the activities you love.

Guaranteed to reduce tennis elbow pain or your money-back.



Size - 5.4in x 7.5in x 3.9in (137mm x 190mm x 100mm).

Weight - 3.7lbs. (1.7kg).

Heavy duty 12V DC motor.

Medical grade stainless steel massage elements.

Rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 3 weeks.

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"Why didn't I find this sooner! It's the same treatment that I got at physical therapy where I spent way too much time and money."
Chris K.  

Stā Active adjustable pressure tennis elbow device

Adjustable pressure

Stā Active stainless steel massage elements for tennis elbow device

Stainless steel massage elements

Whisper quiet Stā Active tennis elbow device

Whisper quiet

Easy to read console on Stā Active tendonitis device

Easy to read display

Treat tennis elbow at home in only 10 minutes a day


Stā Active saves you time and money by treating tennis elbow at home

All estimated medical costs represent treatment of one arm, per occurrence.  National average fees listed from PRP and IASTM fees listed from; 


How does it fix tennis elbow?

The Fiix Elbow breaks down the scar tissue, the body naturally heals it and you build up / strengthen the tendon.  

how do i use it?

It's simple, use the Fiix Elbow device 3x a week for 10 minutes. Just put it on your arm and press play and it goes to work on breaking up the scar tissue that is causing the pain.

Does it hurt?

People say it hurts so good that they want to use it every day. However, we only recommend using it 10 minutes, 3x a week and your pain level should not be greater than a 6 out of 10.

How do I know it's working?

We've seen people have a bit more pain at the beginning before it gets better. This is a good thing because it's breaking up the scar tissue. People typically start to see improvements around 3 -4 weeks.  

Will this work for me?  

Our trial results showed that 96% of users experience reduced pain after completing the 8-week therapy program. If you are not completely satisfied after 90-days we will issue you a full refund.

can i use my FSA/HSA funds?

The Fiix Elbow device is a FDA Registered Class 1 Medical device.  

How is the Fiix Elbow different than a percussion device?

While percussion devices can provide pain relief, the effects are only temporary and essentially serve as a Band-Aid. In the case of tennis elbow, percussion doesn’t actively promote the healing of the injured tendon, but instead blocks pain signals short-term. Therefore, pain will recur. Additionally, although percussion can be used on connective tissues like tendons and ligaments, it is better suited to muscles. The Fiix Elbow device gets to the root cause of tennis elbow by breaking up the scar tissue which signals the body to send healing blood flow to the area. The Fiix Elbow protocol also includes specific stretching and strength exercises to help rebuild the tendon for a full recovery. Read more on our blog.


Try the Fiix Elbow device for 90 days to confirm it’s the solution you’ve been looking for.


The Fiix Elbow case provides protection to store and carry your Fiix Elbow device.
Custom inlay securely holds the Fiix Elbow, battery charger, emollient, and user guides.
Sold out

The cold compression sleeve helps manage tennis elbow pain while in treatment.
• Chill the sleeve and place on your injured elbow after an activity that causes pain.
How to measure:
1. Bend elbow to 90 degree angle.
2. Measure circumference around the largest portion of upper arm.
Small/Medium - 9" - 12"
Large/Xlarge - 13" - 16"
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"I spent 2 years trying to fix my elbow and I’m like a dog without a bone, I don’t give up easily.  I looked at everything and tried everything and nothing helped until I tried the E5 - that’s when I found results."

Kim S.

Chef, Workout Enthusiast

"I had excruciating elbow pain because of my mouse of all things.  I struggled to turn doorknobs, open a jar of pickles and even get dressed.  The E5 helped me be able to do those simple tasks again without the struggle or pain."

Greg M.

Graphic Designer, Fitness Enthusiast

"The E5 was easy to use and I was able to get back to playing tennis pain-free. I even recommended it to my doubles partner who also suffered from tennis elbow. I loved that I could get treatment and relief from home."

Beth G.

Tennis Player

"I tried arm straps with no luck. The biggest challenge with my elbow was that the pain didn't allow me to do the thing I love most, Fishing. After the 8-week treatment I was back enjoying fishing without elbow pain. Thank you Stā Active for allowing me to do what I love to do again."


"The E5 was such a success getting rid of my elbow pain that when I started to feel pain in my foot I wondered if it could help with that pain.  Stā Active needs to make more machines to help with other aches and pains."

Gina M.

Curling player, Workout Enthusiast

"I love kickboxing and I wasn’t able to punch the bag with my left arm because of my elbow pain – after using the E5 I was back at it with both arms!  I can even do push-ups pain free."

Cara B.

Athletic and Fitness Enthusiast

"I’ve taken a lot of ibuprofen over the years because of the pain and I lost a lot of sleep because the elbow pain kept me up at night.  I’m a commercial plumber and firefighter so resting my elbow was not an option to fix it.  After using the E5 - I don’t have any limitations anymore.  There’s no more pain turning wrenches, handling a sawzall, it’s been a life changer."

Chris T.

Plumber, Firefighter, Fisherman

"I had surgery for tennis elbow in my left arm and I started to have the same pain in my right arm and I didn't want to go through surgery again.  Thankfully I found the E5 device and after the 8 week treatment my elbow pain is gone!"`

Tammy P.

Workout Enthusiast